Sunday, January 11, 2009

Satchel's Pizza

If you haven't been to Satchel's pizza yet, you are missing out. Both Alex and I agree they're the best pizza joint in town. Pair their delicious crust and fresh ingredients with an amazing atmosphere, and you can't go wrong. Please don't forget the are CASH ONLY. There is an ATM, but you don't want to have to pay those service fees.


The best. Satchel's is a hippie joint. There is cool local art on the walls, great music playing (live on busy nights), a junk shop and greenhouse in the back, and even an old VW van you can sit in. There is beautiful garden seating out front and a great fountain built out of old junk the owner, Satchel, collected. Each menu has a different back to it, thoughts and photos from Satchel. He started with one menu back for people to read while they waited for their food, but he added more since all of his regulars had read it. Now there are about 45 different menu backs.

Satchel's is a real treat. So take your time, explore the junk shop and back patio, and have a beer while you wait. They tend to have live music Thurs-Sat. They are closed Sunday and Monday. Check the website for live music dates.


Very good. The servers all share the tables and tips. This makes sure that someone is always looking at your table. All the servers will make sure you have drinks and that someone took your order. A warning... SATCHELS TAKES A LONG TIME. Don't go for a quick bite. It takes about an hour to make your pizza, but believe me it's worth the wait. On a busy night when the live music is going, it can also take an hour or more just to get your table. Again, worth it. Go with some friends and enjoy your time there. One way to get around the wait is to order your pizza to go and walk it out to the back patio to eat. They allow it and you enjoy fresh air.

On a side note, Satchel also offers his workers great benefits. They are happy, and this shows through their service. Check out the website for more info: .


Satchel's offers slices, whole pizzas, calzones, and a delicious salad. They also have a deep dish pizza that you have to order in advance. They also have some fresh-baked desserts by the register. They have about 30 different fresh pizza toppings. Pretty good beer and wine selection. Plenty of other beverages, as well.


Delicious! Like I've said, the pizza is worth the wait. Do me a favor, though. Don't just get a slice of cheese or pepperoni and a Coke. Okay? They have great toppings. Be adventurous! Alex and my favorite is the Mama, which is a 4 topping pizza. We always get ricotta as our first topping. Some of our other favorites are fresh basil, mushrooms, garlic, spinach, roasted red pepper, or feta. You can always ask your server for suggestions. The different kinds of meat they offer are good, too. We always start with one of their salads. It has pieces of apple, Romano cheese,almonds, sunflower seeds, and a great vinaigrette they sell by the bottle. Try it.


They are pretty affordable, but you don't want to eat there every day.They have a good lunch special of a salad and a slice for $6.25. The whole pizzas range anywhere from $16.50 to $26, but they're a good size and pretty filling. Calzones are $10-15.


Amazing. The best place in Gainesville overall. This is the one place I will miss dearly whenever I move away. You'll never find a more unique, relaxing, and welcoming place to eat. 10/10