Sunday, May 13, 2007


If you're reading this, then my blog might not be a complete failure! I'll be updating this blog weekly with new restaurant reviews and random tidbits about food in Gainesville.

A review of The Top will be coming soon, but until then...

Gainesville Farmer's Markets

As most people probably notice, Gainesville isn't exactly surrounded by bustling metropolises. To be totally honest, Gainesville is in the middle of a bunch of nothing. Just wide open spaces with the occasional trailer or flea market. But that's not such a bad thing. All that wide open space is filled quite nicely by local farmers. And Gainesville farmer's markets are definitely worth checking out.

There are several times and locations for farmer's markets, with some farmers going to just one of them, and others being at all. My favorites are the markets on 441 Saturday morning and Haile Plantation farmer's market. The 441 market generally has the best prices and selection of produce. However, it has no crafts and no bakers. The Haile Plantation has a more limited selection of produce, but makes up for it with local crafts and bakers. I'll generally go to Haile if I want a great baguette, otherwise I'll go up 441.

Some of the farmers grow their crops hydroponically, and almost always have fresh produce yearround. One always has delicious tomatoes and basil for sale. If you see a couple with beefsteak tomatoes, cluster tomatoes, and basil (sometimes some seedless cukes too) don't hesitate to buy from them. The tomatoes are all ripe and delicious, and the basil keeps for a long time.

Other than that, look around! The produce at the market isn't always going to be very pretty, but it's always fresh and delicious. Expect to pay about 10$-15$ on a week's worth of vegetables and fruit.

Other farmer's markets include the Union Street market Wednesday evenings. While I have friends who swear by it, I avoid it because it is generally more crafts than produce.

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